Co-curricular Activities


In order to broaden the perspective of the students and provide enriching experiences, the institution organizes a number of co-curricular activities:

Cultural Programs

The institution promotes cultural engagement for students through the student council programs. Variety of programs, competitions (in house as well as intercollegiate) is organized and student participation is encouraged.

Yoga Training

Experienced resource persons are invited to provide Yoga training to all the students to ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is a short certificate course. It is an additional qualification for our students. The Yoga training is also extended to the non teaching and support staff of the entire campus.

First-Aid Program

A Basic First Respondent Training program is conducted for all students by the Local Authorities, where the students are given hands-on training in administering First-Aid. This equips the students in handling medical emergencies in their teaching careers.


o develop the student teachers physically well as mentally sports activities are conducted regularly.