Examination Schedule




The performance of a student in each course will be evaluated in terms of percentage of marks with a provision for conversion to grade points. Evaluation for each course shall be done by continuous comprehensive assessment by the concerned course teacher and ESE and will be consolidated at the end of the course. The evaluation system of the students has the following two components:-
i. Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) accounting for 20% of the total marks assigned to a particular course; and
ii. End-Semester Examination (ESE) accounting for the remaining 80% of the total marks assigned to a particular course.

i. Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA):
This would include the following components:

  • Classroom Attendance – Each student will have to attend a minimum of 80% Lectures / Tutorials / Practicals. A student having less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the End Semester Examination (ESE).
  • However, the exemption from 80% attendance will be given to those participating in prescribed co-curricular activities (e.g. NCC, NSS, Youth Festivals, Sports etc.) to the extent of 20% (making the necessary attendance as 60% in these cases). The claim for this exemption should be supported by authenticated certificate from the concerned University/college authorities.
  • The students having attendance between 79% and 70% attendance will apply for exemption on a prescribed form accompanied by clear reason(s) for absence to the competent authority.
  • Those students getting the exemptions, except for those getting exemptions for co-curricular activities will not be entitled for getting the CCA marks for classroom attendance as given below.
  • Classroom Attendance Incentive: Those having greater than 80% attendance (for those participating in Co-curricular activities, 20% will be added to percent attendance) will be awarded CCA marks (in case of courses with a total of 100 marks) as follows:-
    80% but = 83% 1 marks
    84% but = 87% 2 marks
    88% but = 91% 3 marks
    92% but = 95% 4 marks
    96% 5 marks
  • The marks on the basis of attendance (in case of courses with a total of 50 marks) will be awarded as follows: 80% but =86% 1 marks
    87% but =93% 2 marks
    94% 3 marks
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