Principal's Message


From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Trainees,

Teaching is not a profession but it is a mission, it has no time limit to achieve its real objective. You have chosen the way in which great, responsibility rests on your shoulders.

A teaching is virtually the selfless service to society. To justify the nobility of the profession, effective teacher training program me is needed for this So you have also chosen Noble College for ideal education that cal only be fulfill the objective of education. Our motto is not mearly to produce skilled teacher but a complete human being so that our trainees can face the challenge in every aspect of life. Our college has successfully completed six academic sessions for 2006-12 since its inarguration in 2006.

I therefore on the behalf of our college governing body faculty, welcome you to this temple (Nobel College of Education) of learning where you will fulfill your expectation modify yourself at satisfactory level. Now I assure you according to my experience one year interaction with us for the session 2012-13 would be the unforgivable year in your life and you will be recognized everywhere in the society with excellence.