S.No  Distribution of Faculty Name Post ducation Qualification Date of Joining Approval of Post
& Date Of Joining
Mode of Salary
1. Principal/HoD Mrs. Preet kiran Officiating Principal B.Sc.,M.Sc (Zoology) B.Ed,M.Ed,M.Phil,  M.A(Panjabi) M.A(Psy), Pursuing P.hd 03/10/2006 H.P.U.approval Letter No-1/ 292/ 2006/ H.P.U. (Acad)-6793
By Bank
2. Perspectives in Education 1). Mrs. vandana Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(English),B.Ed,M.Ed, Pursuing P. hd. 16/09/2015   By Bank
2). Mrs. Manchali Thakur Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Pol. Sc.),B.Ed,M.Ed, 06/10/2015   By Bank
3). Mrs. Mala Devi Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Hindi)B.Ed,M.Ed 22/08/2016   By Bank
4). Mr. Daleep Kumar Assistant Professor B.A, B.Ed, M.A(Education),
01/09/2021   By Bank
3. Pedagogy Subjects            
1). Maths Mrs.Shalini Sharma Assistant Professor B.Sc,M.Sc(Math)(B.Ed,M.Ed,M.Phil(Edu)M.A.(Sociology) 01/01/2021   By Bank
2). Science
(i) Phy.Science
  -----     Do  -------- Assistant Professor        
(ii) Life Science Mrs. Preet kiran Officiating Principal ------ ----    
3). Social Science Mrs. Rimpal Sen Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(History),B.Ed, M.Ed. 15/08/2020   By Bank
(i) English
  Mrs.Suresha Sharma   Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Eng),B.Ed,MEd,Comp.Cours (D.SE),Pursuing M.A(Psy) 01/04/2019   By Bank
(ii) Hindi Mrs.Sapna Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Hindi), B.Ed, M.Ed.   17/04/2017   By Bank
(iii) Sanskrit Miss Himani Lecturer  (Part Time) M.A,B.Ed 17/04/2017   By Cash
5).Commerce Ms. Poonam Sharma Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Economics), B.Ed, M.Ed. 09/07/2020   By Bank
4. Health and Physical Education Ms. Meena Chandal Lecturer B.P.Ed,M.P.Ed 01/09/2015   By Bank
Yoga Instructor Mr. Girja Nand Lecturer B.P.Ed,M.P.Ed 01/05/2021   By Cash
5. Fine Arts ------------------ --------------- ---------------- -----------------   --------------
6. Performing Arts(Music/Dance/Theatre Mr. Kamal Kishor Assistant Professor B.A,M.A(Music), B.Ed,PGDCA 01/09/2015   By Bank
7. Administrative and Professional Staff (a) Mrs. Deepika Librarian D.Lib,B.Lib, M.Lib 01/11/2014   By Bank
(b) Mr.Kushal Preet Lab. Assistant BCA 15/06/2017   By Bank
(c) Mr. Kaushal Preet Office- Cum Account Assistant BCA 15/06/2017   By Bank
(d) Mr.Dharm Chand Office  Assistant-Cum Computer Operator PGDCA 01/04/2021   By Cash
(e) Mrs. Antima Store-Keeper B.Sc,,B.Ed 10/12/2018   By Cash
    (f) Mrs. Reena Technical Assistant BCA,MCA 01/04/2021   By Cash
(g) Ms. Gunjan Lab Attendant B.Sc,M.Sc, B.Ed. 06/08/2019   By Cash
(h) Mrs. Khemi Dassi Peon ------------ 25/09/2006   By Bank
(i) Mrs.Leela Dassi Sweeper ------------ 25/09/2006   By Bank
(j) Mr.Dev Raj Security Guard ------------ 25/07/2013   By Bank